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The first mistake I made when I got my Mini 14 was order 1000 rounds of bulk 55 grain 5.56 NATO ammunition. My 1 in 7 twist barrel likes a heavier round. I had much better accuracy after switching to a 70 grain bullet. I am still burning off the rest of the bulk ammo when I go to the range, but I reload the brass with a heavier bullet for accuracy when hunting. My rifle is the tactical version and it is completely stock. It is less than a month old so it is pretty fresh off the manufacturing line. I can get 2" groups at 100 yards with good ammo and open sites. With my eyesight being what it is, I don't think I can ask for much more from this rifle. I have other rifles that I use for real accuracy. I will probably add a strut and may have a trigger job done at some time but I am just going to shoot it as is for now and let the trigger wear in a little. I am installing a Nikon Pro-staff scope to it tomorrow.
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