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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
...of course, if I had my way, everyone would start with a .22, then work their way up to .38 in a medium-frame steel revolver before ever touching an automatic in a service cartridge.
Tom, this is why I love you. In a totally socially acceptable dude way, that is.

I cannot begin to count the number of times I have been approached by my Fraternity Brothers, usually around graduation or Christmas, asking what sort of gun they should get for home defense when they move out. My favorite incident was when a relatively quiet mild manner guy, who was a mechanical engineering major up and asks me what kind of gun Jack Bauer carried and was it legal for him to own.

I wish there was some way I could force every one of my Brothers to go through Sergeant Mack's Rimfire Pistol Familirization Course(soon to be tradmarked and have a DVD line) before they saddled off down the road to Bass Pro Shops for thier "Glock Fortay"

.22 automatic, 22 revovler, steel framed .38 Spl, then a steel framed automatic with progressively hotter loads, and finally, if thy so choose, a polymer gun of some sort in a duty round is my general plan of attack when taking some of my novice Brothers pistol shooting for th first time.
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