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I'll throw my 2 cents in here and say, I've carried both semi & wheel guns. I have a .380, & a mdl 10 S&W and a mdl 85 .38+P. I do a lot of shooting with them all but really get my jollies off with the Mdl 10-6 and mdl 85. I do my own reloading , so it's pretty cheap for me to be able to shoot more often. It also seems , every time out at the range 'plinking' with them, someone comes over and wants to see the .38 Mdl 10-6 wheel gun. Most have never fired a wheel gun. I let them have a few rounds go down range and they are tickled. I love my mdl 85 revolver and only carry it every where. I trust it. It's a personal choice, but after 45 yrs of carrying a side arm, there's nothing like it for close deterance.
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