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Bit by the bug, but what to buy?

Hi all, First, let me beg forgiveness for a broad topic post, but I am really at a loss after my research as to what to do so here goes.

Contrary to my long time dedication to modern semi-automatic handguns, I seem to be desiring a SAA or other wetern era/Sass handgun. I have read about the variuos models and makes available and am unsure as to which manufacturer to go with. Certainly Colt would be in the running, But I amd looking for a well made, accurate pistol in 45LC that would be suitable for SASS as well as being strong enough to handle modern pressure loads like Buffalo Bore, etc.

Another concern I have is that more of the reviews I have red indicate greatly varrying degrees of accuracy, especially with reagrds to POA/POI. I must say I personally would not have any interst in a pistol that shot 6 inches high/low out the box. I know the sky is the limit insofar as custom six guns go but I would like to stay around $1200 or less. Would anyone have any recommendations? Please forgive any omissions in this post as well.

Thanks in advance!
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