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To be honest, the reason I want the HK is kind of vein. I want another top tier AR, and this one is just so dang I know that one of the benefits is the way the piston system works when in fine sand and dust. To be honest it would probably never see it. I might use it for local three guns stuff while I am able. I hate to part with my fifty, but want to fill the void with something different than what most others have. I have even looked into a Knights Armament.
And I don't want to sound like it is a dumb idea to get it, because it most definitely isn't! We all have that itch for a certain gun from time to time, and this is most definitely a fine gun and worthy of any collection.

It sure would turn some heads, and if it is a gun that you really want, then you probably would not be too excited over settling for something else.

If you do get one....please post pictures

If you get something else.....please post pictures

Good luck with this decision.....If I had more money I might try to work with you to get that .50
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