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My daughter is expressing the thought to get herself a CCP in Virginia.She has attened, at my suggestion an NRA defensive course. At the course, she had opportunity to shoot their 9MM semi's. She's fired my 380. .38 Mdl 10 and .38 Mdl 85. She's of small frame and found it difficult if not impossible to pull back the slide on the .380 & the 9MM's. A 2nd daughter got her CCP and I advised her against a semi-auto, pointing out the problem with pulling the slide. She disregard my advise and listened to her husband and bought a .380 semi auto. Guess what. She now regrets that decision. She also has a small frame. Her hubby is 6' and got a big build. The .38 revolver is a forgotten item in today's desires to have those semi auto weapons you see all the time in movies. 9MM's, 45's etc etc. The .38 has been forgotten. I have carried both and rely on my mdl 85 with 38+P Remington 125 gr HP rounds. It's not only where you hit your aggressor it's also what you have coming out of the barrel, that's important to stop an attack. I've had semi-autos jam on me at the range once in a while. NEVER had my revolver jam. I've carried a ..38 Revolver for over 44 yrs now and have never had a jammed round. My 2nd daughter has smartly decided to go for the 2" Mdl 85. Great for her in concealed carry, great for her with recoil and no need to re-rack a jammed round in a hurry. I'd recommend a .38 +P Revolver with a respectable round.
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