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Just ordered the Lee .459 405 grain HB Mold need some info

Ok I picked up a Marlin 1895 on Friday. Bought some Lazer cast 350 grain LFP bevel based to try it out with. They shot great with a load of Trail Boss, and shot very clean except for the burned lube. A couple of wet patches cleaned it up like a charm.

Ok now I just placed an order to midway for the Lee single cavity Hollow base 405 grain bullet mold. They claim it will drop them at .459 which would be ideal.

I have never cast for hollow anything so any advice for that would be welcomed.

I plan on casting with straight wheel weight alloy, and shooting them with Trail Boss in the area of 1000 FPS or there about. I also plan on using the LLA lube that works so well with my hand gun bullets. I was just wondering if it realy will drop them at .459 or will they be larger requiring me to need a sizer?
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