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Yeah, I've seen those but I like my 1911's a little more traditional. I'm not a fan of skeletalized this and skeletalized that, or enlarged this and extended that. I do just fine with the basics design. Maybe if I shot competively, I could see a use for those mods or upgrades, but to me, their just gimmicks. I really don't see a need for giant beaver tails and giant thumb safeties. Maybe its because I have large hands? You'd think with large hands, I'd have to worry about slide bite and would appreciate a large beaver tail, but I've never been bitten and I've never had to worry about how I griped one. I just pick them up, aim, and fire. I don't doubt slide bite occurs but I think people worry about it too much. The 1911 has been around a lot longer than large beaver tails and I'm sure the number of people bitten is in the minority.

I'm sure everyone's thinking "then just but a 1911 chambered in 9mm and quite complaining." That was my first thought but my wife acted like she didn't like my 1911s. So that's why we were looking to see what else was out there. After looking and discussing it more, it turns out she likes the 1911 platform just fine. She just doesn't like it in .45. Lol so I guess that solves that problem AND gives me an excuse to buy another 1911. Yes!

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