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My gun was a Ruger 45lc Birdshead with the old large frame capable of handling all 45lc loads. I waited 3 years for the right gun. Most were so overpriced (IMHO) and I couldnt bring myself to pay an outrageous price for one not to mention they RARELY even came up for sale! It seemed I was always just a day late and a dollar short when one popped up somebody snatched it up. So I waited until I found one for a price I wanted to pay and I now own one and will hopefully get to pass that one on to the kids.
The snub is not a sporting handgun, it's a weapon. It's this vaguely sinister nature that draws us to it. It is power... power that can be held in the hand and wielded without mercy, if need be. It is simultaneously appealing and appalling.

If you won't trust me with my guns why should I trust you with my freedom?
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