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Originally Posted by jbat35
As of now I'm thinking either .223 or .204. I singled out surplus as I am out to shoot well 90% of the time, and will buy more expensive ammo over cheap because I want better groups.
Surplus ammunition for the .223 is pretty good stuff, you would be surprised of the groups you can pull off with it. Wolf, Golden Bear, and Tula steel cased ammo isn't surplus it is just cheap ammunition. 62 grain military ball ammunition will hold MOA better than most shooters. The same goes for 7.62X51 ammunition, and with the current state of things there really isn't much of a surplus market for 5.56 or 7.62 and what your acctually buying is new or remanufactured ammuntion anyway.

Originally Posted by jbat35
I love the .243 caliber, but burnout would occur too early.
How many rounds a year do you plan to shoot? Where did you get the idea you'll burn your barrel out? Your shooting at 14" gongs at 300 yards that is nearly a 5 MOA target. I'd imagine you would get a solid 10K rounds down your tube before it went so far south you couldn't hold a 5 moa group at 300 yards.

Your looking at an average of $20-30 for twenty rounds of .243 depending on what your rifle likes. I don't imagine you will shoot more than that a week on average throughout the year since that is $1,000-$1500 per year if you buy factory ammunition. I'd imagine you'll get many years of shooting at least a minimum of five, before you burn your barrel out. There are many well used .243's that that have been shooting for many of decades without burning out the barrel.
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