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I suggest buying a reloading kit. One of the ones that has everything to get started. I bought the rock chucker kit when I started. Once you have your kit, take out only the book. Read. Read. Read. (Who am I joking; your gonna take out all the gizmos, and jack with your new toys. How much does this weigh, how about this, that? Enjoy.)

In the meantime, continue to buy ammo, knowing that it's easy and you are collecting brass in the mean time while learning what you like to shoot. Yeah, it's pricier than reloading, but you need a couple K of brass for each caliber anyway. Buy different stuff. Try out different factory loads. See if any stick out. Get a chrony. Check the speeds that you are getting on the factory stuff you like. Check the consistancy. Cross reference with your book, where do those loads land? Light? Hot? Take notes. Lots of notes. Buy a stack of the same notebooks, if you are as finicky as I am, one for each gun.

Check around to what everyone else is loading. Take notes. On an initial investment, I try to buy powder that I can load multiple cartridges for. I reload mostly rifle, so I think it is a bit easier for me to accomplish. I also try to buy my guns to double up on equipment. My 22-250, 308, 243 and 30-06 all use the same shell holder. Trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it's handy when you want to hand prime a couple K of various rounds. It's also handy when a neck is cracked on the 30-06, it gets trimmed down to one of the other three.

If you just started shooting, you have much to learn yet. As I am sure you are aware; your wallet just contracted bulimia. There is no cure. Don't fight it, you'll only die tired.

Just my two cents.
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