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Good stuff so far thanks .

As for the floor there is no carpet now and I think I'll keep it that way .

I like the idea of putting a fire extinguisher away from the work area and where I most likely would be moving towards if something were to happen .

At this time I will not be making my bullets so no casting issues for now .

As for cleaning brass and seperating the media . I here some if not most media dust can be very flammble so that is a concern for me as well as the lead that can be released in to the air . Any more Ideas on this matter would help . I'm in construction , I build and remodel houses so making a system to vent those things out side is not out of the question . If there is a better and or quicker way that is safe I'm all for it . If outside is what's best so be it .

Good call on the lighting . Right now I just have one small over head light . I will get a large fluorescent light for the room . I also have a long armed light that hooks to the bench that I can be moved and directed were it is needed . I am also buying a Professional 2-in-1 Spring-Arm Magnifier Lamp that can be moved around as well .

As for electrical outlets . I had done some work in the room a few years ago and added a dedicated 20 amp circuit to the room . I have a 15 amp cicuit running the overhead light and 2 outlets and the 20 amp circuit running 2 other outlets . Power should not be an issue but I will have to make sure I have power where I need it .
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