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22/45 Mark III mag disconnect removal

I just removed the magazine disconnect on my Mark III 22/45. What a difference! Reassembly is now the same as a Mark II, the trigger is so much better and the magazines now drop free. I replaced the disconnect with a Tandemkross hammer bushing, which I ordered from Amazon.

It arrived early and the quality is first rate. It is truly a drop in piece, no deburring or fitting required. It came with a link to video instructions on Youtube which made the install a breeze.!

To make matters even sweeter I got the shipping charges waived (I have no idea why but I didn't dispute it) and I used my Amazon Visa rewards points to pay for it so I got it for free. Can't wait to get it to the range again. Now if there were only a way to eliminate the slot for the loaded chamber indicator. I never use the LCI either. I always check the chamber condition the old fashioned way, open the action and put your eyeballs on the chamber. I forget the silly thing is even there.
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