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If your comfortable with the price of .17 HMR ammo in your area, it is a .22 wmr knecked down to a .17. It moves very fast and hits very hard. I could hit a golf ball at 100 yards no problem.

I make single hole groups at 65 yards smaller than a dime. On a day with pretty calm winds its very possible to make shots out to 200+ yards.

I have shot everything from chipmunks to crows with it. My favorite caliber. It is a great varmint caliber. I would feel comfortable shooting a coyote with it.

Outside of that, 22-250 shoots like a laser beam out to around 350 yards. .204 ruger is a fast moving caliber but it won't be legal for deer in most places, may or may not be a huge concern. On barrel life, take your time shooting and don't let it get too hot and your barrel will last longer.
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