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Originally Posted by Mystro
Big doe. About 175 lbs.
You talking live weight or field dressed? Even live, that would be a big, big doe.

I'm in Central NY and I hunt in a program on Cornell University owned property and the deer management is controlled by Cornell.

Every deer killed in the program has to be weighed. From 2008 through 2011, 226 doe have been killed in the program. The last I knew, which was after the 2011 season but not including the 2012 season, I had killed the heaviest doe in the program. She was HUGE. Far and away the biggest doe I've ever killed or even seen.

She weighed 149 pounds, field dressed.

Between myself and the other guys I hunt with, we have killed 9 or 10 doe. Only one other has been over 110 pounds and that one was 119, the average is almost exactly 100 pounds. These are adult, mature deer I'm counting, not fawns.

Last year, I shot the biggest buck I've ever killed:

He weighed...

149 pounds, field dressed.
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