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I just started working up a load with the 150Gr. Sierra MK's and Reloader 17 in my Marlin XS7. In theory RL17 should be a fantastic powder for 7mm-08 with heavier bullets and shorter barrels.

R-P Case
Fed. 210M Primers
45.2 Grains was most accurate (1/2" 100-yards)
C.O.L. 2.815" (0.01" off my lands)
22" Barrel Length

Hopefully, I will get the chrono set up next time so see where the velocity is at. I am going to push past 46.0 Grains and try to find the accuracy again. I had consistant velocity increase (by comparing the targets) and no pressure signs up to 46.0 Grains. Looked like a scatter group at 45.6 and 46.0, but I bet it comes back somewhere between 46.3 and 46.9. Just waiting on a Lee Case Length Gauge (becuase I can't find one in any store for 7mm-08Rem.) so I can trim my cases.


I am also interested in trying out the 160 Grain Sierra HPBT Game King. Should be a good long-range bullet for deer and antelope comparable to the Hunting VLDs.

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