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For those who use a wet cleaning method

a lightbulb and a bathroom exhaust fan motor and fan from the local hardware store along with scrap ply and some "rat wire" for the drying pans. I added a water heater thermostat to limit the temp to 140 degrees just as a precaution. I don't use a pin tumbler myself just warm tap water and dish washing detergent in a old stainless bowl. Kinda rattle them around with my hand for a couple of minutes then rinse em real good with cold water. Then I roll em around in a old towel to get most of the water off and toss em in this dryer for a hour or two. If it is really grungy brass I may add a bit of vinegar or lemon juice. Last batch I added some salt with the vinegar also but not sure if that made any difference.

works for me
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