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I load and clean in my basement, but some thoughts on floors:

- oil from press rams, solvents from cleaning, spent primers from loading, and powder from reloading is going to wind up on the floor. You want something these items will not accumulate in.

- you will need more electrical outlets than electrical codes require, so they are easier to add before you add your equipment.

- I have fire extinguishers near the kitchen, in the garage, and within easy access of most rooms in the house, but reloading is a low risk area in my opinion. If you doubt this, try burning some smokeless powder unconfined. It burns very slowly and can easily be extinguished without the need to discharge a chemical fire extinguisher in your house.

- Your reloading surface needs to be strong and thick. You might want to reinforce you table tops to take the force of the presses.

- lighting is invaluable to reloading. I have a 96" fluorescent fixture over my bench and track lighting with high intensity lighting I can move and adjust the direction of. This is easier to add now before other things are moved and anchored in the room.

- will you use a chair or stand while doing these activities? Makes a difference on floor covering and bench height.

If I were going to set up a reloading area, I would spend a lot of time looking at the pictures of the reloading setups listed in a thread. I happen to have 4 different benches in my basement. 1 for loading rifle, 1 for handgun, 1 for shotshell, and 1 for cleaning and gunsmithing. And I use my work bench for trimming brass. I realize you don't have room for this many benches, but the pictures will give you lots of ideas words cannot (picture = 1000 words)
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