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I had never had a chance to handle a Beretta before yesterday and everyone I picked up, the grips weren't tall enough for my hand. I could only grip the pistol with three fingers. The Beretta grips were too wide for my wife's hands and the Glock grips were too long for her, meaning front to back. It fit my hand but I didn't like how sharp the corners of the trigger guard felt against my middle finger every time I tried to aim it. My wife just laughed and said "if the trigger guard bothers you, you could always just melt it, since its made of plastic." She hates the look of Glocks because she thinks they look like toys. Lol

I'm not sure which back strap the guy had on the M&P we both picked up, she said it was the most comfortable for here, it fit all my fingers, and there weren't any corners digging into my middle finger. Lol
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