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Savage .303 Enfield

This is my first forray posting onto the forum. I hope I haven't embarrassed myself more than usual.

I recentrly inherited a WWII vintage Enfield. The serial number is "64C5031". Unfortunately the bolt (#64C4894) and magazine (#28544 G) do not match.

Stock cartouche markings ar located on the flat surface adjacent to the receiver. Most pictures I've seen do not place them there. the Markings are a vertical line ("I"?), "J", what appears to be a tiny ordinance bomb (too small to be sure), and "P".

The wrist band contains a "B" underneath the serial number. The bolt side of the wrist band contains a "7" and a "4".

The L-type battle sights are marked for 200 and 600 yards.

The Savage squared "S" appears on the left of the receiver adjacent to "No 4 MKI*". The squared "S" is also found on the front barrel band, center barrel band, forearm sling swivel, and in front of the magazine bracket.

The inside of the butt oiler gate displays a circled 8 and either "ILCo" or "LCO".

There is a mystery though. The United States Property marking does not appear on the receiver. Can someone provide a plausible explanation for this omission?

Initial cleaning gives me hope that upon qualified inspection, this veteran will be speaking out at the range soon.

Thank you,
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