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Originally Posted by dawg23
If it takes longer for you to draw from a holster than it does to pull a J-frame out of a pocket, you may want to re-examine your carry choices and/or practice regimen.
Who said anything about pulling a j-frame out of a pocket? If I've decided to shoot you, worrying about replacing a jacket hasn't even crossed my mind.

The quote you're referring to is below. Notice the phrase that I highlighted for you.

How do you get the bad guys to let you know when you're going to have time to get an M22-4 out of your holster instead of using an M442 snubby fired from in your pocket?
I don't need to re-examine my carry choices and/or practice regimen. If you think you can outdraw someone with a j-frame in their coat pocket pointed at you with their finger on the trigger, good luck and keep up your practice!
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