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Yes Chris- mine had 15++lb triggers. There was a thread about it. It was years ago now.
I'm sure the 6lb triggers in newer Smiths are nice, but there was pretty much a concensus that the sw triggers were heavy. I guess smith wised up and put better triggers on them. If so, awesome, they needed to.
I still think buying from an AR-specific maker is a better way to go.
Are Spikes still selling AR's for cheap? I haven't looked in a while, but last I checked, a nice Spike's AR was $800-ish.
BCM, Spikes, Rock River, or a Colt would be what I'd do, if I had it all to do over again.
But I'm happy with my AK and Mini. My eyesight sucks, so moa-accuracy isn't a huge concearn.
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