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I will get some pics of the entire process in the next day or two so you can see that it's not really that much different from more traditional cleaning methods.

A couple of points to remember:

You have to decap prior to cleaning by any method if you want to get the primer pockets and flash holes clean. The pin tumbler does that cleaning as part of the normal process, not as an additional step.

You have to seperate the media from the brass unless all you use is a sonic cleaner. Wet seperation of the SS pins takes no longer than dry seperation of walnut or corn cob media.

Clean brass is usually easier to find and may reduce brass losses over time. Besides, it just plain looks nice.

Yes, you do have to let the brass dry before using it. Though slow, just letting it sit in the garage or basement a couple of days does the trick. I have enough that I can clean any brass I shoot or find at a future date while still having plenty that's either already loaded or clean and ready for reloading. I have around 5-6K of 9mm, most of it sorted by headstamp already. It will all get run through the pin tumbler even though it's already been decapped and sonic cleaned. OCD? Perhaps. But it does help give me something to do while I'm puttering around the house and yard.
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