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Yeah, have a good friend that bought the same turkey gun a week after I bought mine. He bought they same camo clothing to the point where I had to write my name on mine so they didn't get confused(still missin' a pair of Gore-Tex rain pants I know he has). Bought a new 1911, just cause I had one, altho he's had it over two years, I don't think he's shot it yet. He even switched bird dog breeds to what I had. It hasn't really bothered me other than the confusion, he just had more confidence in my choices than his. What was the worst was when fishin'. If I had a new lure and had luck with it, the next week he would have one too and start fishing with it immediately once we hit the water. I naturally would tie on something different just so we could find out if the fish had a preference. Odds are if I got a strike before he did, he would go thru his tackle box trying to imitate whatever I had on. Many times, if he did not have something similar, he would just quit fishin', thinkin' there was no reason to, since I had the only "good" bait. Again, he's a good friend and has other quirks too, but he'd give me the shirt off his back and is always there if I need a favor. I'm sure I do things he's thinks are strange also........
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