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Would you be able to feel the difference in recoil between a rotating and tilting barrel .45? Possibly, but I doubt it.

In straight math terms, two pistols, of the same weight, firing the same round will have the same recoil. XX ft/lbs.

Now, the difference in the feel of the recoil could be slight, or could be pronounced. Here's an example, (though not of the tilt vs rotate) the 9mm and the .45ACP in GI trim both have virtually identical muzzle energy, some 368ft/lbs (or so). SO, physics says their recoil energy must also be virtually identical. However, a great many people claim they can feel a noticable difference in the recoil.

I am one of those. In MY hands, both guns have about the same amount or muzzle flip, and "recoil" but, the 9mm feels "snappier" or "faster" recoiling than the .45. It all a matter of perception, not math.

As to accuracy? Decide first, which definition of accuracy you want to discuss, the sheer mechanical accuracy of the gun/ammo combination, or accuracy, as it refers to the shooter being able to use the mechanical accuracy of the gun. They are two quite different things.

In theory, the rotating barrel gun is more "accuracte" than a tilt barrel one, but in practical terms, that's not a given. It comes down to how well the shooter can be "repeatable" with the entire gun/ammo package.

Poor sights, and/or a poor trigger can make the use of a mechanically accurate gun much more difficult. And mechanical accuracy is of little value, if it cannot be utilized by the shooter.

I have the Colt Govt Model that my Dad got in the early 70s. It was used then, and had an accuracy job done on it back sometime in the late 60s. That gun, in my hands, using my reloads will put 5 shots in one ragged hole at 25yds. Even though its a "crappy 1911", and its tilt barrel system is "automatically less accurate", I don't see how anyone could complain it doesn't shoot well.

I have also had 1911A1s that were just barely minute-of-man accurate (4-5in groups) at that same distance. Not new guns, but Gi issue ones, which had seen lots of wear. Still quite servicable, but not tackdrivers.

I have guns with fixed barrels, tilting barrels, and barrels that move straight back and forth. For me, its more than just the lockup system that makes it accurate in my hands, and really for me, that's all that counts.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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