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Character is the one word that I would use to describe the 44 special.
I have become a collector of 44 specials because I feel that that caliber has so much character. I own 2, 44 mags, but I also own multiple 24’s, 21’s, several Rugers, a Carter bulldog and a Taurus 445. I have one that was hand built from a 28.
I became a 44 special fan because the first guns that I collected were cap and ball revolvers, in??? Yes 44. And that’s a type of gun that has character written all over it.
I also don’t follow the herd in gun collecting, my varmint gun is a 6mm Remington and my favorite 5.56 is an HK SL8.
Me, I'll stick with a gun that’s lacking character and continue to increase my collection of 44 specials at the expense of all others.
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