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I think that the wet tumbling with ss pins actually saves me time. At least, with autoloader ammo that has been thrown on the gritty ground, so I really want it to be cleaned well before it goes into a die or gun, again.

The trade-offs are that the pins CLEARLY resolve any grit issues and don't leave a lot of stuff in flash holes. So, my inspection and flash hole clearing chores are faster and easier. Tumbling with walnut sometimes left grit still embedded in the brass, so I basically needed to feel the entire surface of each case during inspection to be sure of avoiding scratches on expensive metal surfaces.

In addition, media separation does not raise poisonous dust, so can be done indoors without much bother.

As for drying the cases, I don't try to use them right away, so air drying is easy and non-time-consuming, because I am off doing something else.

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