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From the benchrest, handloads, not in a hurry for five-shot groups and some time between shooting groups, I've had a fair number of sub-MOA rifles over a good many years. Some minor tweaking on some; nothing changed on others:

Sako Forester 19" carbine, .243. Since 1970. 5/8 to 3/4 MOA
Weatherby Mark V 26" '06'. Since 1970. Mostly 7/8 MOA
Ruger 77 HB .220 Swift. Back during the 1970s. 3/8 MOA
Ruger 77 Mk II 22" light sporter, .223. Since 1997. 1/2 MOA
Bushmaster Match Target, .223. During late 1990s. 1/2 MOA
Remington 700 Ti 22", 7mm08. Since about a year after they first came on the market. 0.8 MOA

Back in 1950 when I was a youngun and had good eyes, I built a 1917 Enfield sporter which was mostly one MOA with a Weaver K2.5. Dayton-Traister trigger, Bishop stock. In those days, hunting rifles that shot one MOA were considered pretty darned good.
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