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Nice results. But the TIME involved has prevented me from considering it. EXPENSE is another, start-up expense that is. The process is very involved, and attention during the process is more hands on. Besides, getting cases THAT clean is unnecessary.

A vibratory case "tumbler" is all that's ever needed. It can do the job while you prepare breakfast, then you can load those cases as soon as you've finished eating. Try that with the wet process pin tumbler.

Using the fine corn cob media from drillspot will result in no media caught in primer flash holes;
Besides, it's shipped free, AND 40 pounds of 20/40 media for 35 bucks will last you for a lifetime IF you're 35 now, and live to be 75!

Addition of tumbler polishing media to the corncob results in sparkling cases in as little as 2 hours of operation. Use of a media separator helps, but is not imperative.

I try hard to understand the OCD personality types that HAVE to have those perfectly cleaned cases. I even went as far as getting an ultrasonic cleaner. I reasoned that I could also use it for gun cleaning. I HAD to try it with brass. I deprimed some 40's, ran them through. Yup, nice and clean inside and out. Even the primer pockets! Now to dry them. Don't say well put them out in the sun! Here in Wisconsin, that's about 50 days out of a year where that would work! Again time involved is much longer than dry tumbled cases.
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