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Ruger has made a DA revolver in the past (also an SP101?). A friend of mine got one of the new ones for $410 used. Feels like a ruger. Double action trigger is awful out of the box. Single action is nice. It is pretty heavy for its size (another ruger trait). He's a ruger guy, but I think he would admit it isn't a great 22lr if he was forced. He prefers his S&W 63 and shoots it probably about ten times the frequency as he does the ruger. (Myself, I prefer the K-frame smiths). We both like the sights on the ruger, though. The sights even encouraged me to buy a single ten, and I am not a ruger fan.

I see them at gun shows new for $475+. If you can perform a trigger job on a ruger, or can pay someone to do it, I think it would be a fine gun.
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