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First off thanks to everyone who responded, input is nice.

tAKticool, yeah im going to send it back on monday at this point I have no other choice. I hope its not gone too long.

HiBC, it has the CDS half height adjustment that has the set screws that attach the turrent to the stud where the vertical adjustments are made. When turning the knob to adjust it has a solid 'click' to it, its not mushy at all. And yeah, read the instructions several times now lol. Its like it will turn normally, positive 'click' but nothing happens.

Also, there is no ending to the adjustment. example, most scopes that i have have a 'window' of the number of clicks between the top and bottom of the adj range. If i remember right i think one had a range of either 60 or 80 clicks. I dont remember exactly, its been a long time and thats not something that i enjoy having to find out IYKWIM

It seems as if the knob isnt attached to the crosshairs inside the scope, IDK. And i agree, I think it will be a good rig, im really excited about the whole set up, (caliber and optics) just need to sort this mess out.

I got through to customer service and they gave me a simple test to do, and said if that didnt work, send it back in. I did the test, and still more of the same.

Again thanks for the input
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