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Dual Perspectives

I recently came to be the owner of both a Marlin 39A and a CZ 452 Military Trainer. Both are amazing rifles, but different. I've been in the hunt for a 39A for a few years and found one at a semi decent price. That to me is the 39A's downfall...its price. Mine is a 1952 gun and the book value on it is 350ish but I paid a little over 400. I've not seen a 39A for sale in anything like over 80% condition for less than 400 in the last year or so. Plus I know the new 39A's are scarce. How scarce? Well, after visiting over 8 major gun stores and mega stores I haven't seen a new one on the rack. The CZ has a wide range of guns in different price points. The Military Trainer is a good little gun it has military style rear sight and a fully adjustable front sight and trigger. With a 25'' barrel this little gun for $325 NIB is as a good a gun as the money can buy. The American sport market will see CZ really take hold in the coming years. They make a darned good product (rifles speaking not any judgement on their shotguns) and will be able to stay price competitive in years to come. Bottom line is the 39A and the CZ 452 are just different. Out of box accuracy is a much talked about topic but with a few exceptions most .22's are good accurate guns. A lot of people's complaints are not the gun's fault but the shooters. I love my 39A and if I were to go small game hunting no doubt its 16 shot tube and quick action would be my choice. If I'm at the range trying to plink at 100yds its the CZ. I'm not in the business of hating good guns just because I have one or the other (or both), but only in hating bad guns like say anything Brazilian or Chinese made.
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