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After reading these posts I have concluded that .44 magnum is bought because:

1) the .44 magnum shooters think it makes them tougher
2) the .44 magnum shooters have false memories about history
3) the .44 magnum shooters believe that their personal illusion constitutes reality
4) the .44 magnum shooters enjoy their dreams about their own wisdom
5) .44 magnum owners are prone to puffery as intrinsic in a .429 caliber called instead a .44.

Just my personal opinion here. I figure any load a .44 magnum can do I can load a .41 magnum to do. .41 magnum owners are honest enough to realize that the reverse is also predominantly true, so I smile everytime I read .44 magnum shooters try to tell the world that the .44 magnum is superior to the .41 magnum.
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