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It is not an obsession, its response to the market.
Unfortunately the market is heavily influenced by tv and Hollywood, and we all know how helpful they are when it comes to firearm training/safety.

They give away your position and require you to point your gun at someone/thing to illuminate it, breaking the rule about not pointing guns at things you aren't willing to destroy.

the light rail under the barrel adds bulk and weight to the front end of the pistol
Excellent point. To be honest, I never gave balance a thought as I've always walked past anything with a rail.

At some point I'm sure a custom house will open to retrofit these tacticool designs once the tacticool fever is broken and the embarrassment begins. For a couple of hundred bucks the rail will be ground off, and the lower repolished and refinished.
While I agree, wouldn't this throw the balance of just as much as adding it in the first place? Especially if the weight of the rail was factored into the original design.

Just seems like these rail systems have created more of mess than anything. Another solution to a problem that didnt exist.

Oh, and for anyone that thinks you need a light on the end of your firearm to see at night, Firearms have existed for centuries, tacticool is a recent fad. How do you think people saw what they were shooting at before mounted lights? Do you think dark encounters is something new?

Also, when in a dark environment, your eyes will have to re-adjust to the dark every time you turn your flashlight on. Your actually better not using one, allowing your eyes to fully adjust to the darkness. Otherwise, all you do is successfully give away your position and temporarily blind yourself every time you turn it on.

There's a difference between what looks cool and what actually works. Unfortunately, most people spend more time getting familliar with their tv than they do with their firearm. The Spas 12 shotgun is a great example of this. When it came out, lot of people just had to have it based soley on looks and what they saw in movies. Of the those that have owned one, most got rid of them because they were just too impractical to use. They were a neat toy but not something you would want to rely on.
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