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I've had them both and shot wild game, bowling pins, silhouette and other pursuits with both. A few years back, I got out of the .44s and stuck with the .41s. Yes, the .44 Mag and .41 Mag are close with a slight edge to the .44 Mag in terms of close range horsepower. The .44 Mag is also easier to find factory loaded. The difference between .410 and .429 is really inconsequential in terms of stopping power. As for why I prefer the .41 Magnum for myself, read on...

I don't shoot much of factory anything and reloading the .41 magnum is not a big deal at all. I have loads from 210s at 800 fps up to 210s at 1650. I also load my own snake shot and have killed many rattlers with that load. When testing accuracy, I found that the .41 Magnum was more accurate out at 100 yards and actually had more retained energy. My scores were higher when I was shooting IMHSA with the .41 versus the .44. Never lost any game to either cartridge. I also shoot the .414 SuperMag which is better than the .445SM in terms of accuracy, so the .41 Mag also works for me there.

So while I won't try to convince you to buy the .41 Magnum if it is not for you, if it is, you will know it. The discerning individual will be able to sort through the chaff of the .44 fans and realize the difference. .44 Magnum fans are commonplace while .41 Magnum owners are much more interesting, have prettier girlfriends/wives, drive faster cars and generally have more confidence.
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