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But claiming "PSA is budget friendly stuff that 'usually works" is totally incorrect. Personal I would take the PSA FN made parts over anything offered by BCM or DD.
Can you tell me how that is incorrect? Does PSA's price point not make them more budget friendly than DD/BCM/Noveske/LMT/etc? Does their stuff not usually work? I was actually paying more of a compliment in that statement than I personally feel they are worth... but I recognize that my experiences were not necessarily typical and that they 'usually' do just fine. One upper I ordered worked fine... another one did not, and that's where they fell apart.

I was shipped a pistol buffer tube instead of a standard one... along with a stock in the box. I don't even remember what the other incorrect parts were at this time, but it was simple, stupid stuff. Then they wanted me to pay to ship the incorrect stuff back.. which they sent me a label for after I bitched about that.

It was really the broken upper that they would not even acknowledge that turned me against them. I don't care if I was the only one out of 10k customers that this happened to. NEVER responding and ignoring the customer is 100% unacceptable... and it should be for any of you as well.
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