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If Ford's latest hot-rod Mustang was labeled as a "Boss 429" in order to evoke and capitalize on the nostalgia of the 1969 model...but upon inspection was found to be actually 400 or so cubic inches...would all of the magazines crucify Ford?

Damn right.

The .44 Mag is an anachronism born of the Dirty Harry movies, and appeals to a certain portion of the shooting public.
I dunno, my Kawasaki ZRX1200R motorcycle actually displaces 1164 cc and I don't recall any motorcycle magazines "crucifying" Kawasaki over that fact.

Contrary to popular belief, Dirty Harry did not invent the .44 Magnum, the .44Magunum predates the Dirty Harry movie by nearly two decades,1955-1971.

It's really a .429 because the .44 Special was really a .429. The .44 Special was really a .429 because the .44 Russian was really a .429. The .44 Russian was really a .429 because it used an inside lubricated bullet instead of the .44 S&W American's outside lubricated heeled bullet which had the same diameter as the outside of the case, like the modern .22 long rifle.
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