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When I bought my P64, the price was $139...
At that time, the P64 was getting no respect. In fact, Makarov owners were loudly disrespecting it online.
Yes, the DA pull on mine was unusable. But, shooting it SA showed it to be very accurate and reliable.
After springs finally became available, I changed to a heavier recoil spring and a lighter mainspring. The DA is now very good, and recoil is somewhat easier to deal with.
I have been shooting for years...everything from 22 rimfires on up. I have owned, and enjoyed shooting 357 magnum snubs, and 44mag handguns. The worst recoiling gun I owned was a 44mag Thompson Center Contender, an early model with a light ten inch barrel and the original wood saw handle grip. I know how to handle recoil.
But, the little P64 is not much fun for me to shoot. In particular, I feel it in the pinky extension on the mag. After shooting a few mags, my pinky starts to hurt and I anticipate pain there for every shot.
However, this really dosn't matter for carry. The P64 carries extremely well. It is small and thin, and practically devoid of anything to snag a draw....very smooth.
It's accuracy, reliability, and power level make it a great choice for EDC. I often carry it IWB loaded with Hornady Crtical Defense JHPs. While I like my J frame loaded with 158gn SWCHP, the P64 with 7 rds is easier to carry.
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