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Kel Tec Sub2000 Questions

I just bought one of these, and have not shot it yet, but noticed a few things I'm curious about.

First, when folding the gun in half, the detent in the buttstock doesn't perfectly align with the track in the front sight base that it locks into. I've read that canted front sight bases aren't uncommon with these. The sight doesn't look canted when unfolded, I guess I'll find out for sure when I shoot it.

Second, the trigger guard does not lock into place on its own when the gun is unfolded, I have to manually push it rearward into place. The manual states that it should snap into place on its own.

Lastly, the instructions say that the bit in the sight adjustment tool is reversible with a hex head on the other side, however I cannot pull the Philips head out of the tool, even with 2 pairs of pliers, am I missing something?

Any insight on these issues is appreciated.
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