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I'm also VERY interested in your write-up on the Uberti Colt/Walker!

I did a test one day with mine shooting from a rest. I was using round balls and 30gr BP. At close range I was shooting 6 inches high. I kept moving the target out 20yds. at a time, loading 6 more, and shooting again. I kept thinking, sooner or later, the ball would start to drop at a specific distance. I got out to 100yds. and still was shooting 6 inches high but also shooting 6 inch groups at that distance! Obviously, the pistol could use a taller front sight but I don't want to change it. Don't want to file the rear sight/hammer either. I KNOW where it shoots and simply compensate for that. Old fashioned Kentucky windage.

I've taken many a deer with it and to me... this is all part of the fun in shooting BP guns! Knowing exactly what it will do and plenty of chance for the game you're hunting to escape. I don't know of anything more exciting than taking a trophy buck with a BP pistol... every bit as exhilarating as taking one with a bow!
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