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Depends on who says it and about which rifle.

If is a typical hunter with a .308 or .30-06, was else is he lying about is what I think. Same with an M4gery.

If it is a skilled marksman talking about something he built or bought for a specific task, then I may perk up and see what is actually being said. Over 200 rounds and 40 degree temp swing with no shift in POA/POI with excellent accuracy...or something else?

I have a variety of rifles and my best loads in my .30-06 never got me better than 1MOA for 5 shots. A match .308 and .223 Kregier, yes I can stay under 1MOA most of the time on most days. But, my .338-06 (Weatherby Ultralight) shot a 3/8" 5 shot 100 yard group for its first group and continues to be a freak to this day. It is simply amazing, especially for an Ultralight.
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