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There are things to consider other than pure speed too, such as flash and recoil generated by muzzle pressure.

For instance, QuickLoad thinks that Power Pistol would generate the most MV using a 155gr Hornady XTP in a 40SW with a 5" barrel, at about 1,309fps. The muzzle pressure with that load is 5,028psi

Unique will get you within 30fps of that speed but the muzzle pressure is only 4,166psi, 18% lower.

The Power Pistol load generates 10.02 ft/lbs recoil, while the Unique load generates 8.91 ft/lbs, about 11% less.

Stepping back to a 3.5" barrel, the order of powder and velocity is unchanged among the top 3, but if you're willing to accept a 50fps drop, you can decrease muzzle pressure from Power Pistols 7,600psi to VVH N330 5,588psi, a 27% drop.

The PP load generates 8.61 ft/lbs recoil while the N330 load generates 7.37 ft/lbs, a 15% decrease.
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