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my main reason for this is the spinal surgery i had was to correct an issue that was slowly causing me to become paralyzed from the shoulders down. I used to shoot cowboy action, idpa, pal, bullseye, shotgun trap shooting and sporting clays, 600,1000yrd rifle matches. for the last 3 months i could not even hold a handgun because it was to heavy. I used to be a very active shooter and since my back isnt up to dealing with my car hobby yet I have the extra time and resources to devote to my shooting hobbies to get back to the same point I was at before the surgery since i have to relearn how to hold and shoot since i now have weakness and numbness in my arms legs and back. This is a resolution for me because im 33 years old and everything i love to do has been stopped because of my back. i cant pick my kids up, i can barely work, my car hobby is on hold maybe permanently, no more motorcycles, no more dirt bikes and snow mobiles. I need something to distract me from being depressed and taking the easy road and saying screw it im disabled give me my obama phone and disability check.

This is not some attempt to impress anyone on here personally i dont know anyone here and other than sharing a hobby or interest which you guys all seem more inclined to talk me out of this it makes no difference to me. it is me setting a goal i can actually reach. for all i know i might go out and shoot 100 rounds and it hurts my back so much i cant shoot. Talking to my physical therapist he said go for it since its lower stress repetitive it will help rebuild muscle in my back and help to calm my nerves.

As far as the time requirement with loading and cleaning brass and all that. i swore off tv for a resolution a few years back so instead of sitting there doing that i load. with a dillion 650 to load 350 rounds every night takes about 30 minutes. i have 3 dillion 2001 tumblers so i turn them on in the am and empty them 4 hours later before i leave for work. With the 3 of them i can clean about 2500-3000 cases in a few hours that i can use to actually shoot. True that casting bullets take a while but on days when my back decides it doesnt want to shoot i will cast bullets and make ingots for the next casting day. I currently have about 12000 45 acp bullets already cast and a slightly lower number of 9mm and 38's.

and as far as the cost here we go once again.

1 pound of bullseye powder 14.99 (i get about 1800 45acp or 9mm rounds out of that)
1 box of primers 25.00

total cost if i only get 1000 rounds per pound of powder $39.99 / 1000 = .03999 cents per round or $2 bucks a box.

if i average $40 per 1000 rounds x 128k = 5120 and that takes into account no 22lr.

I'd check my blood lead level if I were you.
gets checked 2 times a year

Why not shoot an additional few rounds each day in the time it takes to bore us(pun intended) with a daily update. You can give us a total at the end of next year.

I doubt many of us will follow your daily updates.
dont really care if people are avid followers. this is for me to keep track and maybe share some guns people dont own or try out different things if people want to see something.

Why ? I, too, enjoy shooting. However, this just seems a good way to wear out equipment. That quantity of rounds expended will NOT make for improved shooting capabilities. Once one passes a certain point, in terms of training purposes, additional rounds will not improve one's abilities. That "certain point" of rounds expended will vary with the individual. I think that the more important issue is being sure to stay in practice, that is, shoot often enough so as to not "get rusty", rather than the number of rounds expended.
if i wear out equipment it gets replaced. problem solved. its not just a number of shots im going for. its consistency and repeatability. and if it bores you and seams like work thats fine. I feel the same way about tv and sporting events like baseball and football. AS far as the job i work a regular 50 hour per week job. I just happen to belong to a range that is on the way to work so instead of sleeping late i leave earlier for work and shoot before work.

You're going to be busy between the casting, reloading, and shooting. I think for me, the shine would wear off after a few weeks.
i hope it keeps me busy thats what i need, And im sure the shine will wear off and there is times im sure that i will want to say screw it. And those are the times I will hit the range even harder.

Why do you think this is a wise thing to do and what do you plan on getting out of it besides maybe becomeing a better shooter, maybe.
I think its wise because shooting has been a part of my life for a long time and i refuse to let a tumor in my spine make me give in and stop doing everything. As far as what i plan on getting out of it other than becoming a better shooter. enjoyment fisrt off, teaching my son that you can do things even when its hard to do so. I get to spend time outdoors and around other people, I get to shoot (duh) and i get to challenge myself to be as good and better than i was.
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