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Originally Posted by Ludwig Von Mises
I was abl I was able to keep groups of ten shots within about a one inch average and two inch extreme group, albeit about 3 inches to the right of target center and aim point.
At what range? The off center part is an easy fix, just drift the front sight to the right a hair.

If 100 yards, that is an awesome shooter, if 50 it is still pretty damn good for an iron sighted Mosin.

The counerbore is a recrown, so I wouldn't expect much from that.

Originally Posted by tobnpr
Not much collector value for a 1942 Izzy M38, listed as a "2" on the rarity scale...
Maybe true by numbers made, but M38s have pretty much dried up, and the prices have gone up considerably in the past few years. The $200 he paid is not out of line, even though they sold for not much over $100 a few years ago.

"no collector value" is also sliding scale. In the 50s, Mausers and 1903s, were dirt cheap and widely available. They had "no collector value".
Now, a matching K98 can fetch $1000, and even ratty Soviet capture reworks are going for $4-500. 1903s and 03A3s start around $500, and go up from there.

Even the ubiquitous 91/30 prices have gone up ~20% this year. Back in February, all the distributors sold them for $80, now they all sell them for $100.

Originally Posted by Ludwig Von Mises
Best group today with it, out of fifty rounds and five targets, was five shots in three and a half inches, at a buck twenty five.
Also, what ammo were you using? With Mosin iron sights, that is pretty good. If you are using surplus ammo it is really good, particularly with a M38 sight radius.

What is your goal with this? If you want a hunting or target rifle, you are probably better off selling it for what you have in it and buying a Remington or Savage from Wal Mart. Manufacturing has come a long way in the past 70 years, and even the cheapest modern bolt gun will outshoot a Mosin, and are easier to scope since they are already set up for it. A Mosin because of the receiver design is more difficult.

It is your rifle, and you can do what you want, but generally speaking you are destroying a historical artifact by doing so.
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