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1stMar, I just can't remember, but there wasn't much wind. It was really a great day for shooting. I'll be out in the workshop again this morning and I'll look at the groups again and see what notes I had made. One thing that I haven't mentioned is that I started the shooting comparison, stopped, made more bullets and started again. The results I've talked about were from the second pass. On my first pass, one of the weak points in this test (my shooting) gave me some problems. I was doing some outright crappy shooting, so I stopped, rearranged the bags, got more targets up, did a little dry firing, and restarted. I think I was rushing things, and that was exactly the wrong thing to do. Once I got past that, I felt that except for one or maybe two shots, I did everything as well as I could and that the comparisons between groups were therefore fair. After all the yapping I've done about doing this case sizing comparison, I admit that I got a little worried about whether or not the rifle and I were up to the challenge. I was not going to report any data unless I had confidence in it. Once past that shaky start, all has gone well.

I'm really itching to get my hands on the Lee collet and Redding bushing FL dies and do some more shooting.
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