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These are my feelings on the matter.

The longer the range the less effective a laser would be. The problem is a laser can only be precise at one distance, due to the nature of a laser beam, its large distance from the bore axis, and bullet drop. Think of a laser as the center of a cone which gets larger and larger as distance increases. It is basically saying your rounds will hit around here... Also the further out the laser the longer and harder it is for your eyes to notice. you wouldn't want to be 'searching' for you dot when you could've just used your irons.

I only have one laser a Viridian which is a green laser, and IMO is the only color I would bother using, Red is much to hard to see. My laser is sighted in at the massive distance of 25ft.

I feel that a laser is far more effective for quick close in work then precision distance shots. This allows me to fire accurately if for some reason I was unable to use proper iron sights.

Lasers have their place in SD but I don't feel that they should be used for distant shots.
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