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I'm going to try to the AR world, now. Most would say that I have probably over-bought with this Daniel Defense for such a newbie, but from my survey of the firearm landscape, it (like Bravo) is routinely sold out in most outlets..... so if I ever decide to let it go, I'll have no problem moving it if I'm willing to take a minor loss.
I wouldn't say that you bought more than you can handle by any means, but you did buy quality. If you ever do have/want to sell it, you are correct in thinking that you won't have much a problem getting rid of it, and you would most likely not take much of a loss if any.

The last thing that I will add is that if you shoot steel, you will not want to use the M855 ammo that you bought as it is a steel nosed "penetrator" round. It won't penetrate some grades of steel, but it will still leave a divot in most of them (which makes them less safe).
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