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Originally Posted by thedudeabides
Sigs aren't cheap. Compact and Carry P220s will run you 900-1100 if you buy new--and why I didn't recommend one.

If money is no object, I think that a P220 will outperform any of the guns in this thread (the SRT in the SA/DA variants is incredible).

You just have to shell out more for one.
Yeah, if I go SIG (other than the 250), I will be looking at used and CPO guns. That also limits the selection. Instead of practically everyone carrying them, and if they don't have what I want they can order it, I will be limited to what I can find.

Originally Posted by m.p.driver
If it were two years I'd say get one of the police trade-in S&W 4553TSW's from Buds.Best buy I've ever had.$249 and it feeds everything, like most Smith 1st-3rd gen .45's.Got used to the dao,and it's crazily accurate.You might find one floating around at the shows or shops
I have been a fan of the 3rd gen S&W autos for years (I've long wanted a 3913 or 908). However, I long ago got used to the 1911 style safety so I would definitely need to find a DAO or decocker only version (see my 3rd post where I discuss the Ruger KP345). I know there are some DAO S&Ws out there. I don't remember if they made any decocker only versions. Even if they did, I don't really see them out there, and DAO isn't always easy to find, can the DA/SA S&Ws with the safety be converted fairly easily to decocker only?

Has anyone taken a DA/SA pistol with a decocker/safety and converted it to a decocker only? How hard is it? If I had a smith do it, how expensive is it?
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