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They are a very good company to buy from. I order fairly large orders at a time to cover the HAS-MAT and shipping charges. Anything over getting 8 pounds of powder or 5k in primers becomes additional savings for me. 10 k in primers and 8 pounds of powder works out as a good match for a couple of loads I like. If I want to add in a pound or two of something else I get additional savings compared to any local purchase.

Recently I made a mistake and ordered not long after the last election. It seems they had a little problem shipping things out from the surge of orders they received. It took a little longer than normal for my order to arrive. Everything was shipped correctly and well packed too. In another 4 years I hope to remember to get my order in around the 1st of October and avoid the rush. At least now I have enough stuff to keep me reloading most if not all winter. I think winter will be starting here soon .
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