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kcub wrote:
What if someone in that Colorado movie theater shooting had lasered a round into the felon's face just as he started up? How many lives would have been saved? As I recall he had body armor, so how would you have any reasonable chance of hitting him in the face without a laser sight?
'What if's' are just that. No one can answer your question. And I wasnt there with my carry gun.

Being in a movie theater does not mean that you are sitting in complete darkness. I have actually participated in several low light firearm training sessions. These scenarios included sudden loud noises and bright light startle effects through out the scenario, so I have a pretty good idea of what my limitations are when it comes to shooting in semi darkness with panic all around while experiencing an adrenaline dump. I am pretty sure that if I had been within 15-20ft of him and had an unobstructed shot, I am fairly confident of making a good shot...without a laser sight.

Lasers won't make a poor shooter better, only proper training does. Most of the shooting I have ever done with a laser showed that the laser slowed me down. I found that I am slightly quicker acquiring a target and aligning my sights than I am finding and controlling the laser dot.

In my experience, the only real advantage that laser sights offer is when shooting from the hip. For this reason only would I ever consider having a laser installed on my CCW.

As for stopping someone by simply "lasing" them, I have not seen any solid evidence that this is an actual advantage.
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